► witty works, Zurich, Switzerland
► virtual identity AG, Munich, Freiburg, and Vienna
► Vandors, Munich
► Fredmansky, Linz, Austria
► Okulon GmbH | Immersive Visualization, München
► Creative Data Solutions And Hosting, genioDATA, Grafing

Studies and Presentations in Market Research

► Psychology Department, Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung mbH, GfK Group, Nuremberg. GfK is one of the largest market researchers in the world
► Ipsos | Globale Spezialisten für Markt- und Sozialforschung, Hamburg

Newsletter B2B

► GfK Retail & Technology GmbH, Nuremberg.

Transcreation, Website Localisation

► Textappeal, London

Staff Journal, Promotion Material

bsa Marketing GmbH (formerly grasundsterne – Agentur für Werbung und Corporate Publishing GmbH), Munich

White Paper

► EOS Industrial 3D Printing, Krailling

Educational Materials

► Buena Vista Home Entertainment and Village Roadshow – The Walt Disney Company

PR and Press Materials

► Deutsche Aerospace AG, Ottobrunn

Over the years, I have participated in the translation of 50+ original titles. What I’ve learned? Good collaborations make for good translations. Many other esteemed editors and co-translators have all had a hand (or two) in the making of one or more of rows of wonderful books.

Art | Science | History

Original titles by National Geographic translated for National Geographic Deutschland and German licensees such as  Frederking & Thaler, G+J/RBA GmbH & Co KG, Piper Verlag, a.o.
► Sieveking Verlag, Munich

Language Acquisition French | English

► Langenscheidt, Munich


► Knesebeck Verlag, Munich and Edition Rolf Heyne, Munich
► Sieveking Verlag, Munich

Lifestyle | Travel

► Christian Verlag, Munich
► Sieveking Verlag, Munich

Non‐Fiction | Misc.

► Verlag LangenMüller, Munich


Stadtwerke Bielefeld GmbH
swb AG, Bremen

Mobility Provider

MoBiel GmbH


Christine Eschlbeck | Wirkungscoach, Speakering, Trainerin, Munich

Non-Fiction | Woodworking

Vincentz Network, Holzwerken, Hannover | Construction manuals for woodworking projects