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Understand the Attraction


Focus on Your Target: At Yoyogi Park in Yokyo, a young Kyudo archer concentrates before taking aim. Contact me

Focus on Your Target

Corporate Communications | Publishing

At the Senso-Ji, a young Tokyo office worker ties an Omikuji - a fortune telling paper slip - to a rail. Photo: ©Tracey J. Evans (CC BY-NC 4.0 ) Contact me

Share The Dreams

Online Communications | Social Media

Silent communication in a chance meeting of a woman and a child, Greece | Photo: ©Tracey J. Evans (CC BY-NC 4.0) Contact me

Speak One Language

Translation | Transcreation

Wordle Tag cloud of the words used most in the Stadtwerke Bielefeld customer magazine report, issue of summer 2013. Themensuche für Kundenmagazine in der Energiewirtschaft Contact me

Find The Story


Content in the Language of Your Audience

Finding the one language you share with your audience often means letting go of the language you use to talk shop.

Focus on What’s Important

My focus? Is on you. Your stories, your brand values, your goals. And the needs of your readers.

Engage and Interact

To satisfy the demand for engaging media, we need to make content accessible, keep communication value-driven and relevant, and create seamless cross-platform experiences.

Your advantage? My Flexibility

Services range from auditing content to creating content, from conception to copy writing. I handle fact-checking, approvals, and quality assurance. And, I collaborate closely with your in-house contributors – with due diplomacy, of course. I ensure all works are in keeping with house styles and editorial policies, quality standards, and best practice guidelines. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Content Consultant

With long experience in both building and improving pages about digitization, emerging technologies, energy-intensive industries, sustainability, and HR topics, I support clients and agencies in relaunching sites and migrating content.

  • Content audits and assessments
  • Page funnel concepts for lead generation
  • Tone of voice guidelines in German and English
  • Content writing

Translation for Publication

Specialists will often refer to accurate yet unpolished work as for-information translation. […] But if you are trying to sell or persuade, or if image is important to you, it will probably not be enough.

— american translators association


The Client

Stadtwerke Bielefeld GmbH is a German energy and utilities group. Services provided by its 2,100+ employees include public transport, telecommunications, maintenance of the city’s public pools and  ice rink.

  • Concept
  • Content writer
  • Project manager
  • Contributor to website & staff magazine
  • Editorial strategy

About Me

Tracey is a freelance editor and translator with 20+ years of experience in communications,
content creation and translation.

Born in New London, Connecticut, and raised in Germany, Tracey is bilingual
in English and German. She lives and works in Munich

  • 70+ Corporate Magazine Issues

    With a small team of creative professionals, I handled 70+ issues from conception to print and crossmedia. We successfully increased readership of the B2C quarterly of Stadtwerke Bielefeld GmbH by 25,000.

  • On-line Since 1992

    On-line since the dawn of the content, I pour my experience into custom-fit strategies and concepts for clients looking to re-define their content approach.

  • The Seductive Lure of Relevant Content

    I believe in crowd power, the magic of storytelling, and the seductive lure of relevant content offered through lively and value-driven interaction.

  • 50+ Book Translations

    20+ years of experience as a translator and a deep appreciation for engaging copy have led me to a focus on English-German translation for publication for corporate clients and publishing houses.

What others say about me

Working with Tracey J. Evans on our corporate magazine was a continuous creative process – thematically and in terms of form and content. I very much enjoyed working with her in those years and highly appreciate the way she approaches subject matter that is difficult, complex, and seemingly confusing. I learned a lot from her.

Tracey Evans has exceeded my expectations of a sound technical translation by far. What’s more, drawing from her personal technical knowledge, she contributes suggestions and research approaches, thus substantially enriching translations without the slightest expense to their authenticity.

Tracey Evans was essential in developing and cultivating my on-line activities. I was particularly impressed with the way she combines eloquence – addressing target groups in a succinct and poignant manner – with know how about social media and the Web. The collaboration was great and a pleasure. Thank you!

At project start, Tracey was new to our market and technology. But she proved a quick learner and soon challenged our team’s strategy with intelligent questions and compelling ideas. We benefited from her enthusiasm – she helped us to create an appealing story full of strong arguments and catchy statements. It has been a joy to work with someone as quality-minded, yet pleasant as Tracey.