At the Senso-Ji, a young Tokyo office worker ties an Omikuji - a fortune telling paper slip - to a rail. Photo: ©Tracey J. Evans (CC BY-NC 4.0 )

Intralingual translation benefits your communications. Why?
If you want to have an impact, people need to understand what you are saying.

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Tracey J. Evans is a freelance content writer and English-German translator with 20+ years of experience in b2b and b2c communications. Born in New London, Connecticut, and raised in Germany, she is bilingual in English and German. She studied Comparative Literature in Mainz and has been living and working in Munich since 1992.

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content | redaktion | übersetzung

Nov. 1995 –

Munich-based content | redaktion | übersetzung was founded by Tracey J. Evans in 1995 as a freelance language service.
► 70+ Corporate Magazine Issues
With a small team of creative professionals, Tracey J. Evans has handled 70+ corporate magazine issues from concept to print and cross media. Since late 2008, she has increased readership of the corporate business-to-customer (B2C) quarterly of Stadtwerke Bielefeld GmbH by 25,000 while doubling the page count. Services in corporate communications are rendered in German and range from corporate writing to full-service corporate publishing covering project management, concepting, editorial content, copy editing, copywriting, quality supervision of graphic design, cross media strategy, and content management. Her focus in concepting to create a seamless audience experience bridging customer magazine, web and mobile content, and social media.
► Online Since 1992
Services in social media include the development of custom-fit strategies and concepts for clients venturing out into the social media landscape or looking to re-define their social approach. As a certified Social Media Manager with a background in publishing and 20+ years of on-line experience, Tracey J. Evans bases her communications and social media concepts on the perspective and experience of the audience; she believes in crowd power, the magic of transmedia storytelling, and the seductive lure of relevant content offered through lively and value-driven community management. Confidentiality is, of course, guaranteed.
► 50+ Book Translations
Bilingual in German and English, Tracey J. Evans has been translating professionally for 20+ years. Her experience in publishing and a comparative literature major have led to a focus on English-German translation for publication for corporate clients and publishing houses.


Operations Manager & Corporate Publishing Editor
Synektis Verlag GmbH, Vaterstetten, Germany

Oct. 1992 – Nov. 1995

Synektis provided services in corporate publishing, and public relations to companies in the German utilities and energy sector.
Tracey J. Evans established organizational structures and work schedules; she coordinated the workflow of editorial department and production, and implemented a streamlined pre-print process.
As a CP editor, she was involved in creating concepts, editing, and coordinating the production of B2C magazines and brochures.


Comparative Literature, American Studies, and Linguistics | Johannes-Gutenberg-University, Mainz Social Media Manager | IHK Datenjournalismus und Datenvisualisierung | abp


International Association of Professional Translators & Interpreters Bayerischer Journalisten-Verband e.V.


Bilingual in German and English Limited working proficiency in French and Greek Elementary proficiency in Japanese